Before Complain About Any Error/My Games Is Not Working/ My Games Is Not Saving/DLL Errors/Kindly We Suggest You All To Go Though The Below FAQS. All The Common Fixes Are Explained Below. In Case You Still Feels You Need More Help Let us Know In Our Discord Channel Our Moderators Will Help You Out. We Encourage Our All User In Case They Know Fix For Certain Games And Want To Help Other User (We Would Highly Appreciate It And Give Credit For Your Helping Others).
How Do I Install The Game?

  1. Turn Of Your Anti-Virus Other Wise It will Delete Games Files / Windows Defender .
  2. Install The Pre-Requisite Software (All In One Run Time).
  3. Now Extract The Game Using (Winrar)
  4. And Finally Install the Setup File.
  5. Now Right Click On Games Launcher And Run It As Administrator 

What Are Repack Games?

All The Games On Descargagame.com Has Been Already Pre-Installed + Highly Compressed In Low Size. Example 50 GB Game in To 30 GB.

How To Update a Game?

To update a game, all you have to do is download the new version from the site. Your save progress should be picked up automatically, as the save files are usually located in a separate folder on your computer. Do NOT delete the old version until you confirm the new version is working and picks up your saved game, just to be safe. Also make sure to change the name of the old version’s game folder BEFORE extracting the new version to make sure nothing gets overwritten.

What is All in One Run Time Software?

All In One Run Time Software Has Specifically Developed By Descargagame.com : By Installing It You Will Not Face (dll error) (It Installs => Microsoft .NET Framework Here is the Official Link).


Sometimes Your IP Might Get Blacklisted By The Server / So USE VPN To Start Download Ones it is Started Then You May Off It.

Why Am I Getting Black Screen?

  1. Updated Your Windows To the Latest Version
  2. Turn off Antivirus / And Firewalls.
  3. Install All In One Run Time Software.
  4. Updated VGA, CPU, ==> Download the (3DP Chip) After Installing It , It Will Find The Latest Updates For You VGA And CPU Drivers.
  5. Finally ==> Extract / reinstall the game, run the game “As Administrator. We are 100% Sure This Will Help 

Are The Games Safe? Does It Contains Virus Or Torjans?

All The Games Are 100% Safe , If You Anti-Virus picks up any of the downloads as a (Virus/ Trojan, It’s a false positive. The reason anti-virus pick up some files as a (virus) is because the downloads contain cracked .dll files which tricks steam into thinking you have purchased the game, so it’s able to run properly.

Why Is My Game Not Saving?

In Order For The Game to Create ‘The Save Path’ – You Must Run Each-Every Game (As Administrator) .

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